“Jason Pelle and Scott Nixon Copper Collar Distillery is a small Santee California business owned and operated by Jason Pelle and Scott Nixon. We founded the idea for Copper Collar Distillery in early January 2015, and by June of 2016 after much planning and preparation Copper Collar Distillery will finally open its doors to the public. After several additional years of research and practical application on the development and production of distilled spirits, we felt the time was right for us dive into the world of craft spirits. While Copper Collar Distillery is new to the scene of craft spirits, we have not wasted any time in obtaining a thorough understanding of the craft by perfecting our processes. Our focus is to hand craft every spirit we sell to the highest quality standards, and our intent is to cater to those who truly want to enjoy craft spirits for their unique qualities.

Jason and Scott are both U.S. Navy veterans who completed their military tours as Navy Divers First Class. We want to continue honoring the legacy of current and former Navy Divers by producing high-quality, hand-crafted spirits which bear the Copper Collar name. To provide a little bit of insight, the name Copper Collar is an endearing term used to describe the sailors who dived wearing the old copper dive helmets from the mid-1800s all the way up to the 1980s. The copper collar was the portion of the diving dress which fastened the diving helmet to the diving suit. These divers were not blue collar nor were they white collar, they maintained a working class all their own. Thus earning them the name of copper collar workers.  While modern technology has allowed the development of new diving helmets made of a variety of materials such as fiberglass and brass, the old copper dive hat remains as a defining symbol of Navy Divers. Coincidently, copper has played an important role in distilling as it has in diving which gives the Copper Collar name all the more meaning, because copper has also been a prime element in the construction of stills throughout history.

We may have traded in our copper collars for copper stills, but Jason and Scott are fully dedicated to making premium liquors while still bringing honor to the copper collar workers. Whether you want to talk about liquor while enjoying good liquor, talk about diving while enjoying good liquor, or talk about anything while enjoying good liquor, make Copper Collar Distillery one of your local destinations for premium craft spirits. Thank you from Jason Pelle and Scott Nixon.”

© Distilled: San Diego Spirit and Cocktail Festival